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Tuopeek is a collection of interesting items from electronics and physics. There are also a number of experiments here which they don't do at school! Many of these are amazing but require very high voltages and can be dangerous. 

The pictures on this page, as well as the buttons and drop down menus, are links to exploring the items on this site. There is also more general information on the 'about' page. Hope you enjoy exploring this site as much as I enjoy putting it together.

Germicidal UV lamps emit short-wave UV which is harmful to skin and eyes as well as bacteria. Note the warning on the tube.  Click on the picture for more on discharge lamps.

Carbon filament lamps were replaced with tungsten many years ago. Now tungsten filament lamps are being phased out due to their poor efficiency. These incandescent lamps produce light by heating the filament. Most of the energy is emitted as Infra Red light.

Early X-ray tubes used cold cathodes and imperfect vacuums. More modern tubes use heated cathodes and have rotating anodes.

This Maltese cross cathode ray tube is used as an educational tool to demonstrate electron beam behaviour.

This Vacuum tube is used to investigate electron and positive ion beams (Canal Rays).

Resonant air-core transformers better known as Tesla coils are often used for generating very high voltages at high frequencies.

Helium neon lasers use a gas discharge to pump the laser. These are now being replaced by semiconductor lasers.

Insulators like these cover the country, supporting the wires of the power grid. They vary in size and form depending on the voltage they are isolating.

The now obsolete Nixi tube was once a common numerical display. It has been replaced by LCD and LED displays.

This tri-colour (Red Blue & Green) LED in one package produces a light source of any colour. It is shown here magnified many times. Arrays of these can produce colour displays or flood lights.

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