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Six valve, 'Philips' Superhet radio receiver 
Chassis type 577
Early 'Cinter' battery powered Metal Detector
A Kidz book for Adultz

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Electrical Addiction is a light hearted book of illustrations and pictures.

Background and Origin

This site is based on a collection of parts from electronic and electrical equipment. It also covers some information on experiments and projects. It's just a small insight into the fascinating world of electronics over the years. Many items may be obsolete but they still show the design ingenuity and engineering at its best.

Pages on this site are updated occasionally, but more regular updates and activities can be found via You Tube and Face Book buttons on the tool bar and trough out the pages. There are also link buttons to Lbry, Flicker and Lighting Gallery for other related images and updates.

There is access to over 20 pages on this site. The 5 main headings on the top tool bar get you started. Watch for link buttons for MORE pages and topic. Some pictures are also linked. There is a drop down tool on the new-look web pages to facilitate faster access.

The experiments and projects are for general information. Some of the details required to copy the experiments may not be available on this site. This is intentional as there are hazards associated with many of the set-ups. In particular high voltages and electromagnetic radiation. Precautions and safe practices need to be employed when using high voltages. Many insulating materials become conductors at very high voltages including air.High voltage capacitors must always be regarded as potentially lethal.

Do not attempt any of the experiments shown on these web pages.

A good working knowledge and training in dealing with High voltages is essential. Many precautions are taken here and are not covered by this web site. Many more should be taken!

The site name

The name Tuopeek comes from Keep Out backwards. Tuopeek like 'Keep Out' suggest danger but associates the inquisitive nature of peek. Perhaps used here in its inverse form to mean "come in" !

There are a number of video links on the pages. There are additional videos available from HERE or from the tool bar.

Come back soon as new stuff is often added. The latest updates are listed below:-

last updated: 18-07-19 - big DRSSTC

05-04-14 - Krypton lamp

11-01-14 - Plastic HV insulator

31-12-12 - Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil

12-09-12 - Scintillation detector

28-08-12 - Old carbon resistor

02-07-12 - Kenotron vacuum tube

14-05-12 - fixed anode X-ray tube

25-02-12 - Magneto Optical disk

30-01-12 - Projector CRT

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